RBA Group

RBA Group

Commercial bathrooms are an important part of business and that’s why the RBA Group specializes in this niche, providing the highest quality of parts and systems designed for bathroom accessibility. Whether you need soap systems, rails, accessories, baby changing fixtures, or even resistance against vandalism, RBA can help. The company boasts over 1,000 accessory parts stored and shipped each week, and from their own warehouses.

Australia’s Number One Name in Commercial Bathrooms

The company have grown beyond Australia to worldwide recognition, and have made an impact on the market, and with other brand name companies such as KoalaKare and Big John. You may have seen some of RBA’s parts and accessories installed in prisons, nightclubs, offices and schools, as owners rely on the company’s high-grade stainless steel for industrial-level strength and for professional visuals.

The company is headquartered in Sydney and has been since its beginning in 1990. It now has branches in Melbourne and Brisbane and has recently it has expanded into the New Zealand market. They are a leader in sales for products such as Timed Water Controls, Vacuum Drainage Systems, Soap Systems, Flush Valves and others. High profile work includes the Mortdale Primary School on Coleborne Ave inMortdale, NSW.

If you want the best parts for world-class installations use RBA and call us at 02 9747 0088 to set up an appointment.


RBA_01Quality Products

The RBA Group brands dominate their market and, in terms of recognition and market penetration, are among the most successful in the world. These include: Bobrick, Acorn, KoalaKare, Kristallux, Docol and Big John. For schools, prisons, office towers and nightclubs, their range of stainless steel equipment offers designers an elusive combination of industrial strength and sleek aesthetics.

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