Allegion is a security technologies company and a global leader of high quality products designed to improve safety. Among other products, the company sells security systems, hardware, access control features, and even advanced biometric terminals. Ensuring safety is a priority for Allegion and quality is key.

Quality Products Make the Name

In addition, advanced access and security systems allow for owners to schedule time and attendance, manage exit devices, and even mobilize a security system for multiple locations. Little wonder the company is making a name for itself globally, as one of the most forward-moving companies when it comes to technology.

Allegion does business in over 120 countries with 27 brands of products, and handles all projects from home to industrial or commercial. It had offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and just recently expanded territory by acquiring FSH, a fire and security hardware company. It has made a name for itself improving facilities in Wellington Hospital, Aucklund University Business School and others.

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IR01Quality Products
Their market-leading products include electronic and biometric access control systems; time and attendance and personal scheduling systems; mechanical locks and portable security, door closers and exit devices, architectural hardware and technologies and services for global security markets.

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