Great Range!

Raven is one of the top world brands in building hardware and it’s because of established trust built between its customers and the company. Raven is responsible for some of the best sealing technologies on the market. All systems are certified, from doors to windows, and the company has its own large facility for developing these new concepts. All systems are tested and ensured for compliance with international standards and building codes.

Raven’s sealing products are made specifically to protect against fire and smoke, weather, vermin and dirt, and can also conserve energy. Their name is associated with quality, reliable service and industry knowledge that builders and architectural professionals rely on for their own reputations’ sake.

Raven has been one of the most trusted names in Australia for many years, as the company started as a family-owned business in 1950. Their commitment to quality continues with al products adhering to ISO 9001:2008, environmental ISO14001 and OH&S AS4801—the top international-caliber standards for safety and function.

If you want the best sealing from companies like Raven call 02 9747 0088 and let us know your plans. We can install a system for your business or home that’s safe and financially viable.


Hospital_Fire_Door_01Extensive Range

They have an extensive range of sealing systems for fire and smoke, acoustics, weather and energy and vermin and dirt. Raven’s door and window sealing systems have become synonymous with quality, value and reliability that many builders, architects, specifiers and trades rely on.

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