The Most Trusted Brand by Residents

Whitco is one of the country’s most trusted names in home security, as their lock systems are installed on many homes and feature the best new technology.

The CYL4 One Key Security system is a patented technology that improves window locks and patio bolts. These other entrances can be keyed to door locks using a common key type, giving customers a convenient solution to a multi-key dilemma. Using only one key makes locking easy and is helping to establish Whitco as a major name in the Australian security market.

Other products for sale include hinged door locks, sliding door locks and window locks and hardware. The company states that the best prevention against burglary is a three-point system of installing deadlocks, key-operated window locks, and deadlocks on security screen doors. For over 50 years, the company has been a security provider for Australian homes and offers ten-year warranties with purchase.

Find out more through Whitco or by calling 02 9747 0088for price quotes and more information on installation.


CYL4_01CYL4® One Key Security Convenience

CYL4 is a patented innovation that allows Whitco window locks and patio bolts to be keyed to door locks that use the most common key type (C4), thus providing customers with the added convenience of having to use only one key around the home.

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