Not Just Security

Kaba is one of the oldest companies in the business of construction, its founding dating back to 150 years ago. Over this time, the Swiss company has developed a reputation for excellent security systems as well as their reliability. The security solution company serves the Australian marketplace and offers top quality products.

These include access control systems, master keys, door hardware, safe locks and data management systems. Today, this brand name company is responsible for installing important systems inside hospitals, military bases, schools, prisons, police stations and industrial plants.

Recent plans have included Smartphone implementation so customers could obtain access to buildings using their phones, as well (Wallet-App Tapit), as well as an access control system for the DC Tower 1, a 60-storey high building, and the highest in Australia. The company employs over 80,000 people in over 60 countries, and is expanding rapidly.

Kaba is available through Jomon and you can call us anytime at 02 9747 0088!


KABA01Quality Products

Kaba offers access control systems, master key systems, entrance control systems, door hardware, safe locks and workforce data management systems. Kaba Australia’s products can today be found in hospitals, military sites, educational facilities, correctional facilities, courthouses, police stations, commercial premises and premium residential properties across Australia.

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