Kilargo specializes in architectural seals and has 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality products in business facilities. This Brisbane-based company offers seals for doors appropriate for fire and smoke protection as well as acoustic doors and other accessories.

Performance and Comfort

Kilargo’s seals are to promote both safety and comfort during use. Some of the buildings Kilargo works with are multi-occupancy and thus must protect from fire while also blocking out unwanted sound. In addition to weather protection, these seals also preserve energy, a definite advantage for a company trying to cut down on needed expenses.

Kilargo specializes in multi-occupancy buildings, and products can be as diverse as architectural door seals or intumescent fire dampers or antimicrobial silicone seals and rubber gaskets. They have also taken the lead to provide noise protection for large buildings, and to help stop bush fires quality fire and smoke solutions which meet the highest standard. Some of the company’s work includes adjustments made on the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital, the Perth’s Fiona Stanley Hospital, and the Gold Coast University Hospital.

All seals are made in Australia and pass all safety regulations, helping to build the name of Kilargo as a global company and a trusted name in door installations. Call 02 9747 0088 to see what we can do for you and how Kilaro’s inventory can help.


Kilargo01Safety, Comfort and Performance

Kilargo provides simple and smart solutions to maximise the safety, comfort and performance of commercial and multi-occupancy buildings. Their products are designed to contain the spread of fire, smoke and sound, with many also providing weather protection and energy savings. Kilargo Architectural Seals are manufactured entirely in Australia. Their products are rigorously, independently and regularly tested to meet building regulations.

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