Entrance Technology

Besam is a brand that works with automatic doors and particularly commercial projects. This company has a stellar reputation and counts shoppers, world travelers, families, senior citizens, physically-challenged individuals, and work teams as its satisfied clients.

Innovation is Key to the Door Business

Automatic doors require great technology as well as designs that are client -centric, which is why the company listens to the suggestions of its buyers. All national and international standards are met or even surpassed, in most cases.

The company describes its mission as one of a holistic approach to the flow of people and their goods and vehicles. Some of their greatest accomplishments in entrance technology include the Rosedale Medical Centre, TESCO Express, the ICE Hotel in Sweden and Audi Forum and Museum.

For more on the company’s product range and what automatic installations are offered, call 02 9747 0088.


Closer_01Innovative Products

Besam’s ongoing commitment to innovative product development is often enthusiastically supported by customer suggestions and involvement. Besam products are designed and built in compliance with the highest national and international standards.

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